OKFocus Video

OKFocus video is a jQuery plugin that turns videos on YouTube or Vimeo into beautiful full-screen backgrounds, like the one on this page from Gatekeeper + Thunder Horse Video.

Tested and working in Safari 5.1, Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, and even IE 8+!

Using OKVideo is stupid simple. Just add the script and use the following code :

          $.okvideo({ source: 'YOUR AWESOME YOUTUBE OR VIMEO LINK HERE' }) 

Additional params you can pass are as follow :

option description default
source an id or url from vimeo or youtube null (required)
disablekeyControl enable or disable key control (youtube videos only) true
captions enable or disable captions (youtube videos only) false
loop loop the video true
high def control hd playback (youtube videos only) false
volume control the volume with an integer from 0 - 100 0
adproof scale the youtube player larger than the browser
to obscure youtube ads
'Checkout' the GitHub repo for this, also checkout our other awesome codez!