The feeling of fit. The feeling of flex. The feeling of freedom. Athletes rely on feeling and the body’s natural abilities to push their physical limits.

The Nike Free Hyperfeel provides runners with the support they need to conquer the seemingly impossible. It combines the cushioning of Nike Lunarlon with the flexibility of Nike Free and the fit of Nike Flyknit.

Trace, an interactive installation, utilizes the human axis to visualize the intangibility of feeling. Individuals activate the installation by stepping onto an electronic balance board, which digitally analyzes the pressure exerted by their particular axis. In accordance with the analysis, ping-pong balls shoot into the air before dropping onto a metal plate, where they create a custom trace pattern that articulates the abstract, personal and often unconscious experience of feeling.

Quayola / Sinigaglia

When innovation amplifies the human body’s natural abilities, we are able to break free from boundaries, allowing us to explore and adapt to our physical environment. By fusing cutting-edge form with function, Nike designers have united two trademark innovations: revolutionary compressive Nike Free Flyknit uppers with flexible Nike Free outsoles. Together, they create the ultimate ride: the Nike Free Flyknit.

Flexure is an abstract, time-based digital sculpture, an ever-evolving transformation of a rectangular mon­olith. The work draws upon the tension between its physical properties and those of elasticity and freedom.

Universal Everything

It all began with an Oregon coach obsessed with this firm belief: to get more speed you need less weight. In decades of learning, this design principle never changed and it led Nike designers to take inspiration from an­ywhere, even from the simple sock. Nike Flyknit reduces waste by knitting together special yarns to create a lightweight, formfitting upper. Crafted using computer precision engineering and an engineered weave, it produces significantly less leftover material. Ridiculously light, Nike Flyknit offers incomparable fit, comfort and support around the foot in motion.

From thread to motion. From motion to traces. From traces to spaces. From artificial life to human life. This dynamic artwork’s interactive flowing threads behave with a sense of freedom, seeking out human presence and intelligently con­forming and fitting the silhouette of the visitor with intricate multicoloured woven patterns.

Daniel Widrig

Nature. It did a good job. It gave us amazing bodies that were born to run on soft grass and jump on natural earth. But nature created our bodies for a world we no longer live in. This is where Nike Free begins. Inspired by barefoot running, Nike Free makes feet more flexible and stronger. Nike designers interpreted this thought using precision engineering to develop the ultimate in flexibility that works seamlessly with the foot in motion.

Flex works to capture the essence of motion and crosses the realm of the digital world to land in the reality of material sculpture. Animation software allows the artist to create multiple snapshots of an abstract geometric figure moving in a 3D space. While the figure accelerates, it gradually reconfigures and expands. After a phase of deceleration, it ultimately halts. From design to form, the snapshot materializes into a four-meter-long, intriguingly dynamic array, an intricate sculpture reinterpreting movement and flexibility in totally new ways.